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What is Life Coaching?

A Transformational Life Coach is a professional helper or guide who opens the door for the client to step into a safe and open space of support and presence for self-inquiry and discovery.  The Coach offers the client tools of consciousness and mindset to practice being in the unknown, as Mary Morrissey describes, “on the green-growing edge of becoming”.  Here one lets go of conditioned thinking and embraces possibilities in alignment with one’s dreams.  With the coach’s support, the client learns to stand in the present, facing a brighter future, with clear intention and heightened emotion as a means to create a life that one loves living.  The Coach also assists the client in the challenges of actualizing their vision in the areas of relationships, health, career, creativity and spirituality.  Our lives are a reflection of our thoughts and feelings and where we place our attention.  Gaining an understanding of the connection between your inner life and life situation is instrumental in facilitating the transformational process.

What is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach?

Functional Medicine addresses all of the root causes of the imbalance or disease.  Examples include previous infections and illnesses, medications, environmental stress and pollutants, gut health, life challenges, sleep, movement, and inflammation. The Health Coach supports the client in addressing these issues and making the necessary changes for improved health.

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